Parnassah Network is the #1 Frum Job Site brought to you by Learn and Network and Parnassah Expo.

Parnassah Network is an online job search where Employers can post available positions and Job Seekers can search and submit resumes.

Jobs available range from simple to advanced and people with all sorts of qualifications are available for hire. A simple search can help you find your match.

In addition, all users can interact through their usernames and network in our Networking and Questions Forum.

Never before has your search been so simple!


Brought to you by Learn and Network Kollel and Parnassah Expo.

Learn and Network Kollel is geared to helping people interact with each other helping individuals find a Parnassah that is right for them as well as helping existing business to grow or expand .

We have brought together many tools and have helped many people in all areas of Parnassah.

Success stories come to our doors on a daily basis.

But the need is still out there for more and our work is not done!

We have decided to maximize the opportunity to help people get on their feet and move forward.

Aside from our seasonal Parnassah Expo in the Tri-state area, we have created the new and exciting Parnassah Network online.


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